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We are glad you found us. Our purpose is to help people DISCOVER the the Lord Jesus Christ, DEVELOP their faith journey with God, and DEPLOY people to reach others with the love and the grace of God.
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HE-Brews Class
The HE-Brews Class is brand new and going strong! (Yes, the pun was intended!) Their beautifully remodelled classroom has the look and feel of an upscale coffee house. And their motto is, "All we need is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus!" HE-Brews is for college-age and young singles, and is taught by Sherry Chandler.
Emmanuel Class
The Emmanuel Class began in 1956. Through the years the class has shared love, fellowship, laughs, tears and spiritual growth. The class theme song is "Love, Mercy and Grace" and class is closed each Sunday by holding hands and singing "The Bond of Love." The class continues to grow spiritually with retreats each year and socials each month. The class name, Emmanuel, "God With Us" is the heritage of the class and the goal of the class is to continue to grow in Christian love.
Genesis Class
 In 1994, the Seekers Class had the need for a new focus, a fresh start. So, the Genesis Class became the new name for the Seekers Class. Many members have passed through the doors of the Genesis Class and the class has been blessed with each passing year. The Genesis Class continues the journey of faith together by being there for each other, growing older with one another and learning together of God's unending love for them.
Each year the Genesis Class Sponsors the Church Wide Turkey Dinner at Thanksgiving and "Breakfast with the Bunny" at Easter.
New Covenant Class
The New Covenant Class was formed in late 1980. The class is a varied group as they represent a wide range of ages mid 30's to 60's and up. Many class members grew up in or out of denominations other than Methodist which leads to some lively discussions. The class is very supportive of one another and has always been an integral part of St. Luke UMC as the members support all of the programs of the church.
Partners in Faith Class 
The Partners in Faith Class (PIF) was organized in mid 1963 and was dedicated at the worship service on November 17, 1963. The bond that the members of the class feel for each other is very strong. The class is very active in supporting the programs of the church including N.E.E.D., the Presbyterian Night Shelter, and Habitat for Humanity. Class members serve in all areas of church leadership. All of the things that have been accomplished by the PIF Class are a result of the members working together. This emphasized the
primary function of the class within the church as a united class in the work of God and His church. 
Spiritual Life Class 
The Spiritual Life Class was formed in the Spring of 1950. The class had its beginning in the Birdville Methodist Church and was established as a class for homecoming service men and their wives. Through memorable class retreats the class continues to experience a bonding of love between friends and fellow Christians. Several members of the class have represented St. Luke UMC well with leadership in United Methodist Women, the Meals on Wheels Program, Habitat for Humanity and other needs when called upon.
Upper Room Class
The class is for anyone and everyone was originated in 1957 and gets more vital year after year.This is a class with 53 years of loving fellowship centered on Jesus Christ and the study of God’s holy scriptures.When one comes to us they find a home.