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We are glad you found us. Our purpose is to help people DISCOVER the the Lord Jesus Christ, DEVELOP their faith journey with God, and DEPLOY people to reach others with the love and the grace of God.
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Hey Everyone!

We had a great time at our Epiphany party! We missed those who
were not there. Looking forward to the next fun event! Everyone
needs to go online and register for Mission Trip. Go to and do the individual registration. When you
get to the end choose “send check”. We will take care of it from
there. We need to get a count of how many are going so everyone
please go register! Wednesday night, please be here early between
6-6:15 p.m. to eat. We are eating in the Fellowship Hall the next
few weeks. They are serving dinner until 6:30 p.m. so be sure to
be there early to get a plate! We are starting a lesson Sunday
mornings on our relationship with God and being comfortable in
our Christian skin. In order to be comfortable sharing the news of
God with everyone else we need to be comfortable with our own
relationship with Him. Looking forward to digging into this the
new few weeks! Everyone please be safe out there as we may
have some bad weather this week. Stay healthy and away from
this flu! See you all Wednesday for food and fun!!

Peace & Love –Lisel