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We are glad you found us. Our purpose is to help people DISCOVER the the Lord Jesus Christ, DEVELOP their faith journey with God, and DEPLOY people to reach others with the love and the grace of God.
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Hello everyone!

I hope you are loving the cooler weather as much as I am! We had a
great time at Fall Fest on Saturday. Thank you to Susan Bishara for
bringing the Blue Tangerine out to make our children’s area more
festive! And thank you, Susan for providing the supplies as well.
We saw a lot of happy faces out there and some very creative
pumpkins!! Thank you Samantha and Pharrah for helping out and
helping with the live auction! Thanks to Max for your help in bringing
the Blue Tangerine out and helping with the kids! And last but
certainly not least, thank you so much to Steve and Elizabeth Johnson
for all your help with the Youth Ladder donation. Additionally
thank you to the youth who helped paint the ladder and shelves and
gather the trinkets to make it pretty! Next year for Fall Fest we are
planning something a little bigger so be prepared! We talked about
materialistic things on Sunday and how important God is above all
our “things.” We all agreed that when we have nothing, we still
have God and that’s the most important thing in our life! Wednesday
night is Parent night in youth! I’m looking forward to seeing
everyone there! Linda is cooking so you know it will be great!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Peace & Love –Lisel